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My essay with erasures appeared in We Can Turn the World to Gold: A Carly Rae Jepsen Fanzine.

I told a Southern story in Story Club Magazine.

My letter about marginalia and guiltless pleasures was featured in Tinyletter Forwards.

I published a poem in Anthology of Chicago.

I reviewed poetry for the Volta Blog.

chapbooks & zines

Limited runs, available online or at Uncharted Books.

Breathtaken, 2019
Baseball's Dad, 2019
Poems Like Hands Can Be Useful, 2015
Nickels, 2015
Instax Winter, 2014
No Experiences, 2012

readings & performance

I read poems and an essay at Tuesday Funk. Watch a YouTube.

The terrific Kevin Clark arranged the second poem from No Experiences as a short musical piece, which you can watch and hear.

I gave a short talk about Twine as a tool for feminist community-building.

& get in touch

Want me to read at your reading series or publish something in your journal/website/zine/post-internet art project? Holler at me.