Erin Watson


I’m Erin Watson. I read and write in Chicago and on the internet. I love adverbs, emoji and looking at trees. Drop me a line and let’s chat about books, beverages, bicycles, or whatever else comes to mind.


I am…

Volunteering in solidarity with incarcerated people at Chicago Books to Women in Prison.

Co-hosting Other People's Poems Chicago, a poetry recitation night where stumbling and errors are encouraged. Slam that follow button & join us sometime.

Hanging out with my dog, an independently certified good boy.

Reading a good book from my public library or my overcrowded shelves.


I make…

Chapbooks and zines. Buy them here or at Uncharted Books or Quimby's in Chicago.

An email newsletter Like oodles of creative millennials. This one is about poetry.

& meanwhile

I am persisting, more offline than not.